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Custom Wedding Gown

Benefits of custom gown?

Having a custom wedding gown made can be an incredibly fun and rewarding process. If you have a vision for something...

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How long does it take?

The time frame depends upon my availability and your wedding date. I prefer to plan to complete the dress at least for...

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How much does it cost?

That entirely depends on the dress. The type of materials used and the complexity of the design are the determining factors...

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Change of mind?

I have found that creating a bridal gown is a sort of evolutionary process, so I am fairly flexible to making changes...

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What part do I play?

I see the process of designing a wedding gown it as a collaborative effort between myself and the bride, in which my job is...

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What are the drawbacks?

Having a custom gown made is not for everyone. It requires a certain degree of faith, flexibility, and open-mindedness...

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